Demand(s) (of/for)

Nowadays the demand of education is increasing around the world.

Once again we have to think about slightly different word forms with radically different meanings.

Demand(s) + of

Something that is difficult or hard work (= is 'demanding'!):

The joys and demands of motherhood are constant.

Motherhood is sometimes hard work/difficult.

The demands of IELTS are considerable.

IELTS is hard work/difficult.

demand + for

People need something:

Demand for oil field services has been very strong.

A lot of people want or need oil field services.

Demand for paper products softened slightly in recent weeks.

Recently, fewer people have needed paper products.


Returning to our opening example, I think the writer is saying that people need education, not that it is difficult:

Nowadays the demand for education is increasing around the world.