Physical shops are more convenient than online stores. Firstly, in physical shops you pay less money because you can bargain with the seller. Secondly, shopping in physical shops can be a social activity.

There is a category of physical store aptly named convenience stores. Many countries have 7 Elevens. In Indonesia we have Indomaret, Alfamart and Circle K.

Indonesians might call a shop that sells everything at a low price convenient. However, the prices in convenience stores like Circle K can be quite a lot higher than average. These shops inflate prices precisely so that they can offer the following conveniences:

  • they are numerous, especially in cities
  • they have ample parking if they are situated on a road
  • they can even be found inside large shopping centres
  • they stock items that most people need on a daily basis
  • they provide fast and efficient service

These are all features that most people would consider convenient. In English if something saves you time and effort then it is convenient.

The following are NOT conveniences:

  • You can meet your friends in the shop.
  • You save money on certain items.

For your convenience, here are some definitions of 'convenience', as well as some pictures of convenient things.